Preliminary Test

I have been away on vacation, so not much has gotten done and I am heading out climbing this weekend so my progress will not be accelerating any time soon. But I am still plugging away at this and last night I did a little testing: I ran the wall without planks on.

Second chain assembled and mounted. Test motor in place.

The motor and driver are borrowed off another project, so it won’t be quite the same on the final assembly. I am hoping to get away with a slightly smaller motor, which should be both cheaper and a little quieter. This one did produce a bit of a whine when running.

Success…. So far.

Sorry the video is a little shaky, I am holding down the “go” button way off to one side while holding my phone in the other.

I only tried a couple, slower speeds (up to ~8 fpm) but so far everything seems to be running smoothly. Top speed will, hopefully, be around three times faster. The motor bracket provided great alignment without any tweaking.


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