Final Assembly: Part 1

With the last of my parts picked up I could get down to business again.

Next up was assembling the chain. To attach wooden planks (2x8s) to the chain we need to swap out every 14th link with an attachment link. This was a lengthy process since it requires pushing out 116 pins to replace 58 links so we can mount 29 planks. It’s a lot of time with a chain breaker.

2 down 56 more to go. An attachment link is shown in the top left. They have 2 bent flanges that we can use to screw the link to our moving planks.

Additionally, I needed to make a spacer since I am using a bearing on the drive shaft that I hadn’t accommodated in the design. So I cut one out of some scrap plywood, I think it will be stiff enough to support the bearing.

bearing spacer

I had to go buy some metric bolts for the gearbox (which was a surprise) then we could get down to business and mount the drive shaft and chains. This ended up being a two man job: one to support the shaft and the other to ram it into the gearbox. It might have been easier, if heavier to lift into place, to get the shaft in the gearbox on the ground and then mount the whole assembly to the wall.

The shaft, gearbox, and bearing in place. The chain isn’t really done yet it was just up to check the length. Everything is still working as it did on my computer.

With all the attachment links put in the chain we put it on the sprockets. It looks like there will be 28 7″ wide planks and one small 2″ plank to fill the remainder. ie. the chain length was not evenly divisible by 7″.

chain in place


Next up will be a bunch of woodworking to rip our planks to 7″ width from standard 2x8s.


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