Road Trip

On Saturday I went down to Sweetgrass Montana to pick up bearings, idler sprockets, and chain attachment links from a McMaster-Carr order. (If you build or design stuff and haven’t checked this company out you should, but they won’t do small orders to new Canadian customers so my parts are sitting in Montana.)

This trip almost got put off again due to a plague of boils hitting our home (hand, foot, and mouth disease… I have a toddler). Last time it was thunderstorm. So I have been getting anxious to get things moving again.

It’s a nice drive down to Sweetgrass with a view of the Rockies to your right for most of the way so i decided to take some pictures. But they came out grainy and terrible on my phone.

Hitting the open road. Yeah it’s pretty flat.

This was really the only one photo worth sharing. The sweetgrass hills. With ~3000ft of relief these are really mountains poking out of the middle of the prairie. I am convinced there is climbing hidden somewhere on them. Hopefully, climbing with a rock type other than limestone, which is what we have locally (that is within 2.5hrs drive).

The sweetgrass hills: untapped climbing mecca. (ok probably not, but even a couple routes would be cool.)



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