Prototype Frame Assembly: Part 2

There was a bit of a learning curve involve with getting the main frame rails in place. I had to sit them on blocks and balance them in place against the lower frame while I then slid the main shaft into place. The thought of knocking them over while inserting the shaft made it slightly nerve wracking.

Frame rails in place. This thing is enormous!

Then before bolting the bearings to the frame rails I had to carefully block the rails up so that the pin hole on the rail was centered on the hole in the pin plate. This would be a totally unnecessary step if I used bearings like this which would be piloted into place on the rail. They are slightly more expensive but I think this would have been worth it.

Putting the little brackets on the cross brace pieces I noted 2 problems. First Princess Auto had nothing but 3.5″ bolts in the 3″ bolt bin. And the mounting faces of the brackets are not flush with the end of the square tube. Next time I would use slotted holes in the brackets to allow for some variance in the bent parts.

Bolt is too long, gotta make another trip to princess auto, ug. and brackets aren’t flush with the end of the tube so my wall will be about 1/4″ wider than I had intended.

I don’t think this will cause any major problems, but we will find out.



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