Prototype Frame Assembly: Part 1

I didn’t get quite as much done on the weekend as I had hoped, as I was briefly sidelined by a stomach flu. But on Sunday, with the help of my father, we managed to get the lower frame assembled.

First we assembled the two outer frames:

Lyle kicking the tires on the lower frame.
The outer portions on the lower frame assembled… and a Honda product placement?

We then stood them upright and put in the cross bracing. This was a bit of a chore and it would have been a pain on my own. It might have been easier to assemble the lower part of the frame and build up from there.

The lower frame. This thing seems both large and heavy, though the footprint is no larger than a big treadmill.

Next we managed the only bit of real metal working that should be necessary in this project. We drilled and tapped holes in the ends of the main support shaft that the wall frame pivots on. This allows you to bolt the shaft to the frame. (This might not be the only metal working. I will need to do something similar to get the motor driven angle adjustment working. If I bother.)

The hole drilled and tapped in one end of the shaft. Not perfectly on centre but close enough.

I kinda anticipated this being a pain and it was, but it went much better than I expected thanks to Lyle “the human lathe” once we found a sharp bit. It was still a two person job to drill and keep the drill aligned well. If I do another one of these I will make a point of buying the softest steel I can reasonably get to ease this step, rather than whatever cold-rolled material was on sale.

The biggest surprise was how big (and HEAVY) this thing is. Sure I designed it, but I didn’t really envision it taking up half my garage. I kinda thought we might be able to park on that side if I trimmed my work bench. Oh well, at least summer is coming up and parking outside won’t be a hassle.

Frame with the shaft in place. I tested it with a couple chin ups and it feels pretty solid.

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