Brainstorming: Follow-Up

Thanks for everyone’s help so far.

A few interesting points have come out of the discussion regarding the first post:

1. Help me out, I need some input:

A helpful co-worker prompted this by saying “he would want the wall to go slabbier”. How slabby should it go? How fast should it go is another valid question. And taller is obviously better but how tall is too tall? What would you have room for? In the current design these decisions were just based on my opinion. Please help me out and take this 3 question survey, or leave a comment to let me know what you think.

2. Research needed:

Trent, of The Climbing Life, suggested putting a PE bearing material in the channels. Which is a good idea but might not be necessary. This has led me to do a little reading regarding wear rates in wood bearings (another place where wood rubs on another material for extended periods). Now tribology isn’t my favorite subject but a little work here seems like a good idea, just to make sure things don’t wear out unexpectedly fast. So you can expect a post including math, if anyone wants to see it, in the not too distant future.

3. Gearbox mounting

The co-worker from 1. also pointed out an issue with the gearbox mounting. So I will be fixing that before bothering to show more details.


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